Exploring New Frontiers: Strategizing Kickstarter for Moon Base Defenders and Crowdtography ??

In a galaxy not so far away, Jade and Tim of Epic App Solutions recently embarked on an exciting journey, collaborating with seasoned consultants to chart the course for our upcoming Kickstarter campaigns. Our focus? The innovative worlds of Moon Base Defenders and Crowdtography, two groundbreaking projects that have captured our imagination and are now ready to take flight.

During our meeting, one question echoed through the cosmos: “Why set the Kickstarter goal at 30% for both projects?” A thoughtful query indeed! The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to creating exceptional experiences and delivering unparalleled value to our backers.

You see, here at EAS, we believe in maximizing our potential and leveraging our skills to the fullest. By setting the Kickstarter funding goal at 30%, we’re leaving room to demonstrate our dedication and ability to bring these projects to life. We’re confident in our capabilities to push boundaries, develop cutting-edge content, and harness the power of AI-driven creativity.

But why stop at 30%? Because we firmly believe that our community and backers should share in the excitement of contributing to something extraordinary. By collaboratively achieving this milestone, we unlock the true magic that lies ahead – the opportunity to shape the future of Moon Base Defenders and Crowdtography together.

So, join us on this cosmic adventure as we gear up to launch Kickstarter campaigns that will redefine the way we experience gaming and photography. Get ready to be part of something revolutionary, where our united efforts will propel these projects to infinity and beyond.

Stay tuned, backers, for the upcoming launch of Moon Base Defenders and Crowdtography on Kickstarter – a chance to be part of a remarkable journey and help us reach for the stars! ???

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