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Fusing Innovation and Excellence

Crafting Outstanding Solutions

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Transitioning from diverse backgrounds, Tim and Jade infuse unique strengths into Epic App Solutions. Tim, a seasoned programmer with two decades of experience, excels in Software Architecture at a major mobile company. His profound understanding of programming languages and software engineering methodologies drives innovation.

In contrast, Jade, an accomplished Chief Information Officer (CIO), brings strategic depth with his tech-savvy skills and comprehensive business acumen. This blend of technical expertise and strategic insight forms the core of Epic App Solutions, driving innovation with precision.

Empowering Every Industry

Applications Shine on Apple Store and Google Store

Our applications shine prominently on the Apple Store and Google Store, embodying our dedication to delivering outstanding software solutions. Spanning across Android and Apple platforms, we craft applications that seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces.

From productivity tools that enhance efficiency to entertainment apps that captivate users, our diverse range of solutions caters to various user needs. Our commitment to quality and innovation remains unwavering as we continuously update and enhance applications to stay at the forefront of user experience.

The Daily Solution

At Epic App Solutions, our approach to marketing is focused and strategic. We tailor our efforts to resonate specifically with each industry type, ensuring that your online presence remains genuine and relevant. We believe in cutting through the noise – no need for unnecessary ads or clickbait tactics. Instead, we build effective marketing funnels that engage your audience authentically and drive meaningful results.

Moreover, our unique platform, “The Daily Solution,” functions much like a newspaper, offering distinct sections that reflect the cities we’ve had the privilege to work with or continue to have ongoing contracts. Just like a newspaper brings you the latest updates in different sections, our approach allows us to connect with these cities and their projects, fostering genuine engagement and forging meaningful relationships.

By operating in this manner, we engage in conversations with our clients and potential clients. We want to understand their needs and preferences, ensuring that they receive information that’s truly valuable to them. This way, we avoid spamming their inboxes with irrelevant content and instead provide them with insights, updates, and solutions that matter to them. We’re all ears and committed to listening – because your success is our priority.

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Diverse Expertise, Unstoppable Team

Tim and Jade

Harnessing distinct strengths from their diverse backgrounds, Tim and Jade form an unstoppable duo in the realm of software development. Tim’s expertise in Software Architecture equips him to architect robust and scalable solutions for complex challenges.

Moreover, Tim’s ability to translate intricate technical concepts into easily understandable terms enhances his value in client communication. On the other hand, Jade, our seasoned CIO, enriches the team with tech-savvy skills and sharp business acumen.

His exceptional leadership drives teams towards success, ensuring effective collaboration, innovation, and seamless project delivery. Together, they establish a dynamic partnership that creates a synergistic blend of innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Limitless Collaboration

Bridging the Miles Between California and New York

Despite the physical miles that separate us, our collaboration remains limitless. Our partnership bridges the gap between California and New York, uniting expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional results.

Communication transcends geographical boundaries as Tim and Jade synergize their strengths remotely, harnessing technology to facilitate seamless interactions. Our projects unfold seamlessly, reflecting a harmony that stems from effective remote collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence.