Introducing Crowdtography: Your Event, Your Lens!

Hey there, memory-makers! We’ve got a game-changing idea that’s about to revolutionize the way you capture those special moments. Imagine this: One QR code, endless possibilities! ? Linking Memories: Crowdtography brings a fresh breeze to event photography. It’s as simple as it sounds – one QR code grants everyone at your event the power to … Read more

Tim Calabro’s Weekly Moon Base Defenders Update!

Hey there, cosmic explorers! ?? Tim Calabro here, and I’m stoked to share some exciting insights into the world of Moon Base Defenders (MDB) this week! ? Diving into the Technical Marvels In the heart of our cosmic journey, I’ve been immersing myself in the realm of technical research. ?️ We’re laser-focused on creating an … Read more