Careful where you spend your time!

Beware of spending your time with this group. My team and I dedicated over a month to engage with them, and while we did make some valuable connections, it seems we were unceremoniously removed without clear reasons. We followed the rules diligently and even reached out to all the admins for an explanation.

One admin blocked me, another claimed it was an accident and encouraged me to return, stating they deal with 500 fake accounts a day (which doesn’t align with the truth as I’ve been here for a month with my team).

So, before you step up to administer or moderate a group, even if it’s voluntary, be sure you understand what you’re getting into. In our case, it appears someone didn’t appreciate the quality of our services.

Here’s one thing to know: I build my marketing campaigns much like I would construct an invasion strategy in a DMZ. In business, I extend a hand and say, “Here I am, who wants to collaborate?” Usually, when a newcomer enters the scene, they either elevate their game or have to compete. I prefer collaboration, but it seems we may need to explore other avenues.

I’m open to friendship, but when it comes to business, especially after extending an olive branch, and someone responds with venom for whatever reason, it’s concerning.

Just remember, I arrived with a handshake. If your bottom line isn’t improving, it’s likely because professionals like us are here. Our marketing strategies aim to create true symbiotic relationships. So, who’s handling your marketing? Are they merely providing you with flashy images and fancy words, or are you genuinely making more money?

If we’re not helping you make more money, then we’re not the right fit for each other. I don’t want to be a leech; I want to be a valuable partner in your business journey.

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