The CIO Who Called the Wolves to Work

In the world of business, there are leaders, and then there are miracle workers. Meet Jade Chancey, a seasoned Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a knack for turning chaos into streamlined efficiency. With a career spanning a remarkable decade at a boat manufacturing company, Jade not only transformed the way boats were built but also … Read more

A Sneak Peek into the Future: Upgrades Await!

Hey, Scan Questers! I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news about the improvements we’ve been working on for Scan Quest. You might recall the old portal, where adding rows felt a bit like adding grains of sand one by one. Well, the future is all about making things easier for you. … Read more

Careful where you spend your time!

Beware of spending your time with this group. My team and I dedicated over a month to engage with them, and while we did make some valuable connections, it seems we were unceremoniously removed without clear reasons. We followed the rules diligently and even reached out to all the admins for an explanation. One admin … Read more

Meet Maximilian @ EAS

“Introducing Max, the newest member of the family and my emotional support dog. At just 6 months old, Max has brought an incredible amount of joy and comfort into our lives. He’s not just any dog; he was handpicked for his role in supporting me through hypersensitivity and PTSD. Max is a Belgian Malinois, known … Read more

Unlocking Your Online Presence: The $77 Down Payment Revolution

In today’s fast-paced digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small local shop or a growing startup, your website is often the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. However, the traditional cost of building and maintaining a website has often been … Read more

🚀 Unlocking Speed with Expertise and AI: A Winning Combination! 🚀

At Epic App Solutions (EAS), we’re often asked, “How do you get things done so quickly?” The secret is simple: a dynamic duo fueled by decades of expertise! 👨‍💻 Meet the Experts: 🔵 Jade: With over 25 years in CIO roles, Jade is a tech-savvy guru. He’s seen it all, from managing IT to creating … Read more