At Epic App Solutions today we know all openings are tough, we specialize in getting your marketing needs all wrapped up and delivered  in a fast, cost effective manner. Once we and the marketing teams gather all the resources they are packaged up and handed to the proper developers to build all of your Application Needs from simple web design to launching the next best app in any store!

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Fantastic design!


Photography is the parallel for development of the Website. Ten years ago websites were largely clumsy, HTML driven constructions.


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 Today, with contemporary photography we have powerful tools such as Flash, WordPress and DreamWeaver with which to develop your website.

Why watch your businesses Facebook page when you can have  our team managing your Social Media needs.

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              Some say Web Design is our sweet spot others say it’s the app’s !




    You decide…

                                                        Every concept starts with the design, and our designers are constantly looking for new ways to wow you.


Dynamic websites get results! We work with multiple content management systems to maximize your site’s impact.

Your big ideas deserve equally exciting solutions.


We work with multiple technologies to produce the most effective applications.

We have published applications in all the stores for our clients…


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Great features all in one app

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Available now for non profit.

How it works !

Users – our app will show you all the events in your area. This is a free service and always will be.

Non-profit organizations – the app and portal is yours to use, free.. ( ONLY NON PROFITS IN THIS PHASE / ANDROID ONLY )

Yes, Free..

Vendors – we open the door to advertise on even ground, here is how:

What’s Appinin?™ works on a token system (1 token per event listed).

SIGN UP FOR 6 MONTHS FREE !! ( STARTS January 1, 2016 )

*Franchises, we honor all your locations with a co-advertising sla. Please contact events@whatsappinin.com for more info.

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Custom Designed WordPress Websites

Are you sick and tired of waiting for your “web guy” to update your website? WordPress is a very popular blogging platform, but it can also be used as your website’s content management system or CMS. A CMS is a piece of software, integrated with the coding of your website, that makes it easy for you to add, change or remove content from your website – with very little or no technical knowledge!

The benefits of WordPress are many - there are thousands of free plugins and themes. Plugins help with everything from SEO to Social Media Sharing and themes allow you to customize the look/feel of your WordPress website with minimal (if any) graphic design and programming experience. Web design companies like Epic App Solutions can help you create your own completely custom themes (website designs) and extend the functionality of various plugins.

WordPress and SEO

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Prospective clients are searching the web for your products and services. How easily can you be found? If your business is not listed (multiple) times on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing, you’re losing business to better optimized competitors – guaranteed. Content Management Systems like WordPress are very beneficial when it comes to improving your website’s organic ranking because they automatically create optimized website code and site structure. They also make it extremely easy to add new content to your website, and after optimized code and site structure, onsite content is the most important thing for long-term SEO.


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1. Track Everything and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Everything on the Web can—and should—be tracked. You can’t win the game if you don’t know the score. Capturing more accurate and granular information about the performance of each of your marketing strategies (traditional and online advertising) allows you to see opportunities and problem areas your competitors cannot. Your new marketing mantra should be: TRACK > TEST > TWEAK > REPEAT.

2. Your Website is NOT a Brochure; It’s a Virtual Sales Rep

Too many business owners and companies (continue to) treat their website as if it were a digital brochure. Your website is NOT a brochure; it’s a virtual sales rep—an economic engine capable of catapulting your business to new levels of growth. Unlike a sales rep, your website will never ask you for a vacation or leave your for a higher paying job. But like a sales rep, your website performs best when it is accurately measured and tracked; when it has clear goals, and when it is properly managed. Your website is your single most valuable marketing asset. Make sure you’re investing in it appropriately and that you have the right team in charge of overseeing and managing it.

3. Maximize Your Online Real Estate – Starting with Search Engine Results

The web is a real estate game. If you want to successfully market your business online, you need to cost-effectively maximize your Web “footprint.” You should start by maximizing your real estate in the search engine results because search engines are one of the few advertising channels where you can cost-effectively put your business directly in front of people with interest and intent. Every page of your website, social media site, niche blog, industry directory, etc. is another piece of real estate capable of converting visitors into leads.

4. Continually Optimize Your Visit-to-Sale Conversion Rate

To get more Web traffic and leads, you need to continually optimize your visit-to-sale conversion rate. The more effective your company’s sales process is, the more marketing options you have. If all other things are equal (average revenue per sale, gross margin, etc.), a company that converts twice as many Web visits into leads can afford to pay twice as much per click or visit. Being able to pay more per click or visit allows you to bid higher in the PPC listings and spend more on SEO—both of which ultimately result in more traffic and leads.

5. Establish and Promote Your Company as THE Authority

The most successful companies online are those that establish themselves as THE authority for what they do in their respective markets. Over an extended period of time, there is no marketing substitute capable of trumping genuine authority. With “traditional media,” big brands have a huge advantage because they can afford to “rent” access to a target audience from the few companies that control it. In the new media world of the web, this is no longer the case.

Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to build their own audience (something you can own as opposed to renting). To build an audience, you need to create great content—content that delivers genuine value to your target market. To become an authority, you have to focus on your customers—not your competitors. Decide who you want to serve and then be THE best—stay out of the middle (avoid mediocrity like the plague). You can win by serving hot tea and you can win by serving ice tea. You can’t win by serving lukewarm tea!


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Go beyond BlackBerry basics and get everything your BlackBerry can deliver

BlackBerry is the leading smartphone for business users, and its popularity continues to explode. When you discover the amazing array of BlackBerry possibilities in this fun and friendly guide, you’ll be even happier with your choice of smartphones.

BlackBerry All-in-One For Dummies explores every feature and application common to all BlackBerry devices. It explains the topics in depth, with tips, tricks, workarounds, and includes detailed information about cool new third-party applications, accessories, and downloads that can’t be missed.

With several models available, the BlackBerry is the most popular smartphone for business users and that market continues to grow
This guide covers the basics common to all models and explores individual features in depth
Examines social networking applications, navigation, organizing contacts and the calendar, and synchronization issues
Delves into multimedia, including e-mail, photos, and the media player
Explores GPS, the internet and connectivity, great downloads, how to maximize third-party applications, and application development
Uses graphs, tables, and images to fully explain the features of each model
Author team is directly involved with BlackBerry application development
BlackBerry All-in-One For Dummies helps you take full advantage of everything your

Social Media Management





Tip #1: Go where your customers congregate

Some businesses simply start a profile on a popular social networking site and hope customers will find them there. A smarter way to get started is to find out where your customers already are.

“It is smarter to join people where they already congregate. These customers have already formed the social glue that holds online relationships together, so you don’t have to create a new space,”.

For example, if you are a travel agent, start communicating and participating in the social spaces where those interested in travel already gather online. Start out by being a good resource — offer advice and talk without a sales pitch.

Remember, there is no single best social networking tool that will fit all businesses and marketers.  The goal,is to start participating where your customers already gather and then build towards the larger goal of being the resource and forging relationships.


Tip #2: Stop broadcasting and start listening

One mistake businesses that venture into the world of online social networking often make, is that they forget to “listen” and concentrate on the “broadcast” aspect, which is sending out marketing messages.

Marketers and business owners usually just scratch the surface of communicating with clients. A business can learn a lot from continuously talking with people who join them on social networking sites.

We at Epic Apps believe that building online communities, using tools like chat rooms and discussion forums, requires the same skills as conversing over social networks.  Those who are successful demonstrate their ability to listen to their communities.

“If you only broadcast you will fail. You have to build a relationship with conversation and listen to your community and respond to them.”


Tip #3: Ramp up your response time

A successful community depends on you being in there every day to show people that you are listening.

While listening to what the people in your social networking space say is important, it is equally important to respond. Your response tells people that you listen and hear what they are saying.

To demonstrate that you are listening, you need to respond directly to questions — or ask your own questions to make the community members feel valuable.


Tip #4: Show the human face behind your business

We  recommends that small business owners use a “human” online voice instead of a business presence.  People in social networks and online communities create relationships with people, not businesses.

Friends don’t “pitch” friends on social networks — they converse. To get relationships started, you have to be a resource, not a sales pitch.  Again, this goes back to being a good social listener and doing more in the community than just broadcasting business messages.

Our experts recommends that you use a picture, and not always a brand logo, to remind people that you are human.  You should also stay on point in your conversations but be friendly in your conversations by dropping the corporate tone.

Everyone will make mistakes, but if you own up to the people in your social space when you do, they will be forgiving. You don’t have to be the expert right away. That’s a part of being a human in the community.


Tip #5: Give them a reason to show up

Successful communities need “social glue” to hold them together. There has to be value for people in the interaction, and there needs to be a reason for people to be a part of the social network.

“A dentist, for example doesn’t use social networking to talk about customer appointments and his business.  Instead, he might talk about dental hygiene for kids and offer education topics for discussion.”

Use your social space to converse, to solve a problem or to educate people, versus using it to talk about your product. Make sure you provide ample opportunity for people to network and communicate with each other to grow your community.

Tip #6: If you do not have time to manage it call us 912.387.8015 ` Rates starting at $75 a month








Who We Are

Tim Calabro

Founder & CIO, CIO of Tic Corp has been in the mobile industry for over ten years. His development experience in all of the major platforms (iOS, Android and BlackBerry) grants him a unique insight into the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of each. Not only is Tim a master coder, he is also the co-author of the “All-in-one Dummies Guide to BlackBerry” – Developer of : Random Events, Whats Appinin?, Scan-Quest. Tim has driven EAS to publish App’s right into the mobile stores – Apple, Blackberry, Android. Calabro has aided the team on smaller web-based projects with custom solutions that meld right into the structure and keep the project on track.

Master coder
Consultant Technical


Jade Chancey


Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Technical Innovation Collective ( Tic Corp ) has been in Informational Technology management for ten years. Chancey has managed large Projects to Departments, either on the payroll or as a consultant and always leaves these companies in better shape than before. Jade is a first time CEO, voted in among his peers and recommended by a long time friend, colleague/mentor and business partner Timothy Calabro ”Jade has charisma like no other, when he speaks and is truly excited about a project he is working on, the whole room follows right along.” Jade is very strong when it comes to building the physical system to host the application, which makes him a great value to the team. As a system architect he has a great ability to take “out of the box” solutions, that are right under most of our noses and fix a problem, with out custom work – always saving the client a few dollars.. Profile Page>>

System Architect
Web Development/Design
Consultant Technical



Todd Morlen




Marketing Expert, Todd Morlen – Director of rough openings among many other hats. Todd’s Firm handles all of EAS’s marketing needs maintaining nearly all of Epic App’s client base. Morlen is an innovator that understands the practical use of Information Technology in business, mainly in Online Marketing. Profile Page>>


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